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Raingutter Reminder (Tuesday, Sept. 2) and Sawhorse Plea

posted Aug 28, 2008, 8:05 PM by cub leader



The Pack 565 Website says only 4 days until the Raingutter Regatta!  You had better figure out what those boats are going to look like.


When you arrive at Eastminster Presbyterian on Tuesday before 6:30 PM, please check in with the judges at one table and with the Popcorn Kernels at the other table.  We’ll have tables set up under the portico.  The judges will sign you in and look at your boat for the Coolest Looking Boat competition.


At the other table, tell the Popcorn Kernels how much popcorn you have already sold for our first popcorn touch-point competition.  (There will be prizes!)  We’ll do this on the honor system, but when you turn in your popcorn forms in October, you’d better have sold that much!  Write down two numbers off of your forms before you come.  1) What is the total dollar amount of popcorn orders you’ve taken in?  2) And what is the total dollar amount of donations you’ve taken in?  If you haven’t picked up your popcorn packet, there is still plenty of time in the popcorn selling season.  Sean Appel is on his way to that Nintendo DS ultimate prize but he still has a ways to go.


We will also be signing boys up for Show-and-Sell this Tuesday.  We have a number of dates and locations, so there will be a bunch of choices.  We are planning to have less Scouts at each location during each hour, so the profit take per Scout will be higher, too.  You might want to bring your calendar so you can figure out the best times to sell.


I haven’t heard from many of you on sawhorses.  WE DESPERATELY NEED SAWHORSES!  We’ll be crawling around on our hands and knees if we don’t get sawhorses.  Ouch.  Ouch.  Ouch.  Email me if you haven’t already on your sawhorse count.


By the way, this meeting we’ll wear the yellow tee-shirts (Class B).  If you don’t have them yet, we’ll be selling them: $5 for kids, $8 for adults.  We have all sizes now!


See you there!