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Medical Forms and Camping Info

posted Sep 29, 2008, 7:16 AM by Unknown user

Fall Family Campers!


There are going to be almost 100 people going camping next month from Pack 565.  That is awesome!  It will be our best turnout in memory (of course, my memory is short).  Quick reminder:  Fall Family Camping will be at Bert Adams this time, not that other place that we usually go to in the Fall.


I know many of you have medical forms on file with the Pack.  If any information on the form has changed, however, we’ll need you to fill out another one.  Things that might have changed would include new emergency numbers, new primary care doctors, or a new medical history (recent operation, new allergies, new medicine info, etc.).


We will need a medical form for every person that sets foot on Bert Adams property.  That includes boys, participating siblings, parents, babies, grandparents, and teenagers.  If you haven’t filled out your medical forms, I’m attaching a blank form.  BSA requests that those over 40 fill out both the Class 1 and Class 2 portions of the form (a Doctor’s signature is not strictly required).  For everyone else, the Class 1 portion is good enough.  If you’re printing out the form to fill out the Class 1 and 2 portions, try to figure out how to print it on the front and back sides of one page.  (The Class 1 portion takes up only one side of the page.)  Please fill those out soon, so you don’t suffer a time crunch.  I need to have all forms in my grubby hands (and verified against our sign-up list) when I arrive to check our Pack in.  They actually review the forms packet to make sure we’ve got them.  Drop medical forms in our mailbox at 2650 Weddington Place (off of Robinson Road between Holt and Old Canton Roads) at your earliest convenience.


For you first-time campers and for those who need a packing list (that would be us), I’m attaching the Cub Scout Camping information, rules, and packing list.  You can also get an idea of the weekend by reading my blog about Spring Family Camping at:




I’m also attaching directions to Bert Adams and a map of Bert Adams once you get there.


By the way, all of this stuff is on our Website if you lose this email.




See you on October 17th, if not before!