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2008 Raingutter Regatta Is Splashing Success

posted Sep 2, 2008, 10:01 PM by cub leader   [ updated Sep 12, 2008, 6:33 AM by Unknown user ]

Pack 565 Families,

I would normally say that if you weren’t at our Raingutter Regatta you missed a really good event.  On the other hand, not too many of you missed it!  Our attendance was phenomenal!  We had 64 Cub Scouts turn out and race for our 2008 Raingutter Regatta!  We also had 12 siblings who raced.  It was a great night for Scouting!  (As we tend to say quite a bit…)

The competition was very fierce with all those boats in the water.  Some people have really figured out how to make a fast clipper ship.  Other boys went with the standard design but still did very well because of their straw and breath technique.  I know one pirate who was very impressed.

Here are our race results in each category:

• Siblings – First: Lauren W, Second: Shannon M, Third: Daniel W.

• Tigers – First: Joey M, Second: Hayden W, Third: Sean W

• Wolf – First: Price F, Second: Jacob J, Third: Parker D

• Bear – First: Aidan H, Second: Luke C, Third: Caleb W

• Webelo I – First: Soorian P, Second: Adam C, Third: Ada D

• Webelo II – First: William W, Second: Jacob D, Third: Joshua B

Our overall winners were (drum roll please):

Bronze medalist: Adam C

Silver medalist: Soorian P

Gold medalist: Aidan H

Aidan’s boat was so fast that the race officials impounded it following the race.  They suspect hidden motors, propellers, or liquid nitrogen jets.  They will perform x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging testing, and do an extra-sensitive steroid analysis on the keel.  There was also a high amount of neutron radiation detected in the vicinity of the gold medal platform.  Many Dads took note of the unique design.  Watch out next year!

We also had judging for the coolest boat in the following categories.  Here are those winners.

Most Patriotic Boat – John Michael M

Most Creative Use of Paint – Charlie Z

Best Pirate Themed Boat – Weston B

Best Use of Cartoon Characters – Sean A

Best Girl Power Boat – Rachel L

Best Rigging – Jeremy S

Best Pokemon Boat – Blake F

Best Den Spirit – Soorian P

Best Use of Stickers – Andrew L

I might have missed a few.  Forgive me for that.  I have to say that the pirate was just as excited as the races, or even more excited, about all the various cool designs that we had.  Everybody was a winner in that category.

Here are three galleries of pictures that exemplify the spirit of Regatta.




Our next Pack Meeting will be Tuesday, September 23rd at 6:30 PM.  The theme is “A Camping We Will Go!”

See you there!