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October Halloween Pack Meeting

posted Oct 31, 2008, 6:22 AM by cub leader

It was a wild ghoulish time at the Pack meeting last night!  We scared ourselves quite a few times.


We opened with a candy pumpkin toss.  Then we swung into the meeting with some recognitions, including a slew of new Bobcats, a Wolf, two Webelos, and a World Conservation Award.  First several Scouts received patches for participating in Camporall with Troop 772.  Our new Bobcats were Josh B., Nick B., Shun C., Parker D., Jon D., Andrei E., Seamus F., Price F., Jacob J., Andrew L., Chezhey L., Angelus M., Joey M., Jack M., Drew M., Dennis N., Sean W., and Haden W..  Tim B. was advanced to Wolf, and Bryce B. and Jeremy S. received their Webelo.  Anthony S. was recognized for receiving the World Conservation Award at the Wolf level.


The big attraction of the night was a costume parade, featuring the Pack 565 ghouls, aliens, clone warriors, storm troopers, gorillas, zombies, skeletons, Ninja, Native Americans, astronauts, Power Rangers, wolfmen, grim reapers, Harry Potter, empress, Mario, Indiana Jones, et. al.  Our best costumes received awards, but everyone really looked great.  We also had a skit and a lip synch courtesy of the Shark Den and Den 2.


Then the lights were dimmed, a campfire lit, and a fog settled upon the gathering.  The Pack crowded around as Professor Carl and Professor Chris treated us to a ghost story based on The Creature from the Black Lagoon, but with a poopier ending.


The highlight of the evening was the pie throwing by our $500 popcorn producers.  Erik L., Sean A., Brien P., Anthony S., Drew M., Francis V., and Caleb W. took dead aim and hit their target.  The reluctant targets were your Pack leaders, Jeter, Chris, Carl, and Todd.  MMM mmm.  That whip cream is so tasty, and it’s a great hair conditioner, too!  Michelle, our Popcorn Kernel, did an excellent job preparing the pies and the throwing area.  Amazingly, we didn’t mess up the church too much.


Michelle says that we will also be throwing pies during the next Pack meeting in November.  If your boy was close to the $500 level and you want to think about closing the gap (donations count for double), give Michelle a call or an email:  770 977 8037 or zaczim3@aol.com


One more plea:  I know that some of you didn’t have time or felt a little shy about selling popcorn.  It’s not too late to make a family “popcorn” donation to Pack 565.  Any amount is fine.  Shoot Michelle an email pledge.


I can’t wait until next month.  I might have an appetite for whip cream again by that time!


See you,