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posted Mar 26, 2009, 7:16 PM by cub leader
Pack 565 Families,

We had a wild time last night racing around the Eastminster oval. I’ll bet the boys thought it truly was a 500-mile race. We ran 40 laps and changed tires at least nine times. There weren’t too many boys that did over two laps at a time, but every boy got in their car several times.

There was much shouting and scrambling during the pit stops. It was pretty funny. We learned a lot about teamwork.

The competition was very tight with the Squirrel Patrol coming out victorious in the end. Bear Den 1 came in second. I forget who came in third, but every Den finished all 40 laps. What a test of stamina and willpower!

We had a couple rollovers and scrapes last night; it’s NASCAR after all, but everyone is okay. We’ll make some modifications to the cars and the race for next year so that it will be safer and even more fun (just like NASCAR).

See you!