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"Jurassic Park" Pack Meeting

posted Apr 29, 2009, 8:20 PM by cub leader
Well, we had our DINOSAUR Pack Meeting last night. I hope not too many of our Scouts were eaten by the live velociraptor that somehow got out of its cage towards the end of the meeting. If you lost a Scout, let me know and we’ll replace him with an equal or better substitute – possibly a girl scout or a Pomeranian.

In addition to a really tough uniform inspection (the toughest one in recorded Pack 565 history), the boys did several dinosaur-related activities.

Many of our Scouts made excellent dinosaur facsimiles out of the bones provided (packing peanuts and toothpicks). Then they played the DNA matrix game (dinosaur bingo). Then they practiced Jurassic paleontology by identifying dinosaurs just by feeling them in a bag. If you still have your answer sheet, here are the answers:

1: C (Stegosaurus)
2: G (Velociraptor)
3: A (Dimetrodon)
4: D (Triceratops)
5: F (Parasaurolophus)
6: I (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
7: B (Ankylosaurus)
8: E (Dilophosaurus)
9: H (Apatosaurus)

A really special thanks to our expert dinosaur paleontologist, Addison B., from Pack 473 (the Green Machine).

See you next time for our end-of-year Pack Graduation Bash at East Cobb Park on May 19th.