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Bowling Night Post Mortem

posted Aug 25, 2008, 5:01 PM by cub leader
Well, Tuesday night we had the Perfect Bowling Storm.  There was an unusual confluence of events that led to THE BEST BOWLING NIGHT EVER!  When I arrived at 5:35 PM on Tuesday night, there were already about 20 people there putting on bowling shoes and loading up the ball racks with the stranger assortment of colors  than you’d find in a Spencer Gifts store.  The sounds of rolling thunder soon filled the air -- inside AND out.  We had a major storm pass through while we were all distracted by the falling pins.
The final tally was 56 people bowling, including Scouts, friends, siblings, and parents.  There were quite a few more observers.  For most of the night, we kept seven lanes busy with 5 or 6 bowlers each.  Most everyone got in two lines.  56 BOWLERS!!  Can you believe it??!!
From all accounts, everyone was able to get at least one strike, except for me.  I have an excuse, though.  It was a little noisy in there.
I have major news to pass on.  Even though it was an even money bet for Jeter versus the field, Mike Dinehart was able to best him with a very good score.  I’ll let you know who won with the boys and siblings best bowling score, but right now it’s impossible to tell.  The score printouts we got at the end of the night all have these funny nicknames on them instead of the REAL names.  The scorers are still sorting it out two days later.  No one is able to say at this time who will win the first annual Old Bowling Pin trophy.  I suspect that the Grimsleys (a.k.a. “Swagger”, “Princess”, etc.) are going to win the family award.  Every time I checked in with them, there were at least one or two strikes in every frame on their score sheet.
Thank you, Aimee, for keeping track of the bowlers and money.  Great job!  I want to thank Hank Moran for bringing me my bowling ball every time it was my turn.  I tend to zone out.  Thanks, Hank.  I want to thank the Bear Cubs for occasionally emerging from the arcade area to bowl their turn.  We should all thank Brunswick Lanes for the incredible deal they gave us.
I understand that the Pack has been doing this summer bowling thing for at least 7 years now.  This is one more to add to the legacy.
Have a good summer everybody!