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Blue and Gold Banquet

posted Mar 2, 2010, 6:07 AM by Unknown user
Pack 565 Families,

We had another great turnout for our Blue and Gold Banquet! We had over 150 people there last night. Almost 60 of our boys were present. We filled up the beautifully decorated great hall of the Christian Life Center at Eastminster Presbyterian Church.

The decorations and the food were spectacular. Many thanks to the kitchen staff and decorators and the many people who helped this event come off, including all who helped clean up afterwards. An especially enormous thanks to MarKay and Chris A. who spent the better part of 24 hours and quite a few more earlier in the week working to make sure we were all fed. The food was the best I’ve ever had at a Blue and Gold Banquet, and probably the best for many years before I came along. Of special note were our centerpieces that Chris A. created. Each table had three different Boy’s Life covers, and each cover featured different Pack 565 participants doing what boys love most. Todd has promised to load all the different covers on the Website.

We saw some great skits and some other amazing and surprising things, including the magical stylings of Connie’s Den 3 under the direction of Maria P. Has everyone heard enough knock-knock jokes? If not, I can have the Webelos call once an hour with another one. (It’s a great fund raiser; PLEASE STOP!) Thanks to Scouts for entertaining us.

I hope all of you got some great photos of your boy being honored. If not, I’ll be forwarding some of the photo sites later.

See you soon!